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Depending on their skill level, interns learn coding/testing skills or blaze through hard-to-solve problems others do not have the bandwidth to focus on. Some interns convert to full time, and others go on to great careers in the industry with our best wishes. This page is a way of us saying "thanks!" to their brief but impactful contributions to NicheSoft!
If you do not clear our fresher interview, but can convince us about your earnestness, an internship could be the path to a position at NicheSoft. Email us your resume if you're interested!
Nischal Singhal
Computer Vision
I was exposed to the development of Computer vision models for tennis ball tracking and court detection. Great learning experience for my early career and received required mentorship and freedom from the team. I worked on building computer vision tools for analysing tennis matches.
Niyathi Kumbale
Data Science
I interned at NicheSoft from February - July 2021. As an intern, I worked in the Data Science department. I applied the concepts of Machine Learning and NLP to a binary classification problem. My internship at NicheSoft has significantly improved my knowledge of the workings of the technological world and left me with skills that will be useful throughout my career. Working first-hand to solve a real-world problem using machine learning has allowed me to realize its application and potential in the real world. I had a great experience working at NicheSoft, and am grateful for the opportunity to network with many intelligent people and build lasting relationships.
Faraz Ahmed
Computer Vision
I have been working in NicheSoft with very talented people around. I wouldn’t have gotten as much experience as I have if I were to be in a different company where interns may not get the chance to be as hands-on as I have been able to. During my internship, I have worked on Computer vision and Deep Learning based approach to tennis action recognition. It has given me the chance to learn more about Data science and different technologies and how I can use my skills to help in various ways. It helped me to reinforce my knowledge of responsibility, focus, drive and ambition. In the end. it was a wonderful experience.
Jagriti Sachan
UI Designer
I worked at Nichesoft as a UI Designer and my internship experience has been wonderful! It helped me gain confidence as a professional. Interns at Nichesoft are given as much responsibility and opportunity as any other employee right from handling projects to client interactions. I learnt the required skills, ideas and professionalism here which will help me throughout my career. Thank you for giving me such a great opportunity for learning.
Omar Khan
Data Science
My guides gave regular suggestions on how we could improve our work which not only made our development process easier, but also fun. Internship at NicheSoft was fun - working with excellent professionals and fellow interns. It was an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about data science in a fun and collaborative environment. I was exposed to work on a binary classification model and developed a supervised machine learning model.
Meher Changlani
Computer Vision
I had a great learning experience. They gave me the chance to explore new fields in Machine Learning while working on an interesting project with several real-world applications. I was exposed to application of various Computer vision techniques including Object detection using YOLOv5 and line detection to detect tennis balls and other court related features.
Rasswanth Senthilkumar
React Js
Nichesoft is a place with talented and knowledgeable peers and a good place to kickstart a career. I worked as a React Js Developer Intern and I had a great learning experience along with gaining work experience. I was exposed to work on the Front-end implementation part of Creator Coin portal, developed components and refactored heavy components.
Shashwata Saha
UI/UX Designer
It's been a thrilling experience to work at Nichesoft. Always worked with latest technologies, learnt a lot of principles, industry standards. It was never hard to talk to anyone about any issues I faced and finding the proper mentoring. I worked with React.js(JSX, TSX), grafana in Drishya (grafana plugin development) project, also worked with Python, Flask, MongoDB to create initial API in JRS-API project. I designed screens and associated in developing user experience of Outer Quiz App v1, further I designed Logos for Ace App.

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